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Designing a Human Rights Framework for SA Report and Election Question

Suicide Prevention 

Read our Joint Submission in response to the draft Suicide Prevention Bill 

Discrimination Law, Religion and LGBTIQA+ Rights 

See our Joint Statement on the Federal Draft Religious Discrimination Bill here

See SARAA's submission on the proposed changes to SA laws here 

Modern Slavery and Low Paid Workers

Supporting the great work by the  Stop Modern Slavery in South Australia Campaign

Youth engagement with parliament

Submission to Senate COVID Committee - Rights of Bridging Visa Holders

Submission on Draft Serious Invasions of Privacy Bill - 

Read our  submission here 

Contact Sarah on

Letter on Age of Criminality - response to MAG statement 

Read our letter here 

Restrictive Medical Treatment

Rights Resource Network Submission to draft Bill here

UniSA & Uniting Communities Powerful Interventions Domestic Violence Research Project 

Submission to SA Parliament COVID Committee Jan 2022

Read our submission here

Children and Young People (Safety) (Miscellaneous) Amendment Bill

Read our Joint Statement raising human rights concerns with the Bill here

Youth Treatment Orders and Human Rights 

Read our Joint Statement raising human rights concerns with the Phase 1 Draft Model of Care here 

Provocation, Family Violence and Self Defence

Rights Resource Network Submission to draft Bill here

Open letter calling for end to Australia’s discriminatory migration health requirements

Joint Letter to MPs: Time for a Human Rights Framework for South Australia

Read our joint letter to MPs here 

Age of Criminality and Indigenous Incarceration

Read our joint letter urging the South Australian Government to take action to raise the age of criminality in South Australia and nationwide 

Gender Equality 

Rights Resource Network Submission on Gender Equality Bill 

Housing and Homelessness

Supporting the great work by Shelter SA Shelter on Assisting People Living on Low Incomes

Menstrual Justice A Human Rights Vision for Australia

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