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Four positive actions you can do today! Get in quick - offer ends 10 Feb!

Let's get going Network members and friends by joining together to raise our voice on some critical rights issues confronting our great State.

Each of these positive actions can be completed quickly and easily by you in just a few minutes, and all of them were identified as practical actions from our expert workshops at our Human Rights Day conference last December. Feel good about taking action.

Action 1: Sign out letter urging the South Australian Attorney General to raise the age of criminality in South Australia and to contribute to discussions to raise the age nationwide. Our Aboriginal incarceration workshop leaders have identified this as a key positive action and helped to draft this great letter. Add your name or your organisation

Action 2: Contribute to our Joint Submission on the draft Suicide Prevention Bill that has been circulated for consultation by the South Australian Government. Our mental health workshops leaders have identified this proposed reform as having positive features. as well as areas in need of improvement. Check out the draft and contribute your ideas!

Action 3: Come along to our online workshop on how to Successfully Engage with the South Australian Parliament taking place at 1pm Wednesday 10 February, (zoom link here) hosted by the wonderful Natalie Young, Community Engagement Officer at the South Australian Parliament. Our community engagement workshop identified this type of practical workshop as a key action to take forward.

Action 4: Express an interest in being part of an advisory group to support research project being led by Uniting Communities on the issue of Intervention Orders as a tool to address domestic and family violence in South Australia. Our family and domestic violence workshop identified the legal framework around the use and enforcement of intervention orders as being an area in need of further research.

Next step?

Visit our Current Campaigns page to find out all the info and email to add your name to our letter or submission, or to RSVP to our event, or to express an interest in our research project. Make sure you do so by Wednesday 10 February 2021 or you might miss the boat!


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