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Advisory Group Profile , Peter McDonald Uniting Communities

Peter McDonald | Advocacy Executive | Uniting Communities and co-founder, Rights Resource Network SA

Uniting Communities has a long tradition of participating in social advocacy in South Australia.

We have been a progressive social service provider who has our beginnings in the life of the Methodist and Uniting Church. You may not know that we started our pro GLBTQI advocacy and service BFriend in 1995. We have been at the front of this and many other topics for many years.

Instead of chasing all issues our advocacy unit is currently focussed on fewer topics where we think we can create sustainable change. We have moved toward requiring a clear theory of change for social topics.

We now require that our people and time and effort be clear about how our contribution will make a change. So we are now more pragmatic and clear when we choose the topics we think we will participate in.

Recent topics we have posted on include

Positive view of GLBTIQ in the State Equal opportunities amendment bill

Tracking the rates of loneliness

UC is carbon neutral because we are acting on climate change

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