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Meet our new volunteers!

Check out these amazing, clever and kind South Aussies who are helping the Network connect law makers with change makers and share information about protecting and promoting the rights of South Australians.

Fariza Ali

Fariza is a fastidious law student in her final year of a Bachelor of Laws (Honours) at UniSA. She has worked with Dr Sarah Moulds on submissions to the Senate Committee

for COVID-19 surrounding the travel rights of bridging visa holders during the pandemic. She enjoys research in the areas of migration, family and insolvency law and is zealous in the pursuit for human rights and social justice.

Isabella Xiao

Isabella is a highly dedicated and passionate fourth-year university student currently undertaking studies for a Bachelor of Law/Bachelor of Media degree at the University of Adelaide. She has strong interest in issues surrounding mental health, disability and poverty. Her goal is to make the world and people’s lives better, whether that is through giving a voice to the voiceless, putting important but often ignored issues on the public agenda or working towards a human rights framework for SA.

Joshua Gwynne

Joshua is a final year law student who is extremely passionate about human rights issues particularly relating to recognition of first nations people, their history and culture. Joshua is also an ardent supporter of the environment especially conservation of native flora and fauna and supporting biodiversity to combat climate change. In his spare time Joshua enjoys scuba diving, hiking and camping as well as reading and music.

If these super busy champions can lend a hand maybe you can too? To volunteer for the Rights Resource Network please contact Director Sarah Moulds on or visit our Jobs Board to apply directly for a specific opportunity. Our Jobs Board is also the place to go if you have a rights-related task or research question that you need help with - we can match you up with a clever clogs vollie to get the job done!


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